Company specializing in the production of boiler centrifugal fan, SDS series tunnel jet fans in general, the low and high pressure boiler centrifugal fan, centrifugal fan for dust, high temperature ventilators, dust centrifugal fan, the general axial fan, roof fan, Metal mine with the main, auxiliary fans fan, metal mines with a local fan, coal mine explosion-proof axial flow main and auxiliary fan ventilation, coal with local fans, BMJ series of energy-saving gas pressure centrifugal fan.

Boiler Centrifugal Fan
General, the low and high pressure centrifugal fan boiler
Centrifugal Fan Dust
High-temperature fan
Coal centrifugal fan
General Axial Fan
Roof ventilator
Metal mine with the main, auxiliary fans fans
Metal mines with a local
Mine explosion-proof axial flow main and auxiliary fan fan
Local fans for coal mines
BMJ series of energy-saving gas pressure centrifugal fan

Zibo Fan Co., Ltd. located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, the southern suburbs of the town of Zhoucun District. East Forest bleomycin high-speed, west of Jinan-Qingdao, south of State Road 309 North near the Jinan Railway, convenient transportation and communication. Founded in 1976, after 32 years of hard work, has become a production more than 70 series 700 kinds of standard models of a fan of the national medium-sized enterprises stalls.

  Our products are widely used in the boiler drum, the wind, workshops, theater ventilation ventilation, axial textile, chemical explosion-proof ventilation, gas pressure ventilation, industrial furnace ventilation; metallurgy, nonferrous metals, gold, building materials and the main nuclear industry and other mining fans, auxiliary fans, local fan ventilation and tunnel ventilation; mine main fan, local fan ventilation. Products were machinery, the Ministry of Coal and Coal Research Institute issued a production license, identification certificate and MA safety signs. K series fan of mine energy projects by the National Spark Silver and Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Award and the honorary title, selling products in 29 provinces (autonomous regions), the majority of users rely on .

32 years, the company implementing the "technology works" approach, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Northeastern University, Beijing University of Technology, Maanshan Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Department of Energy to promote mining stations and other tertiary institutions and research institutes to maintain long- Sri Lanka's technical cooperation. User would like to think, worry about the user wants. Adopt new technologies, introduction of new products, greatly enhance the vitality and market share.
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Chairman: Wang Yi Mou Mobile: 13853380888 General Manager: Wang Aiying Mobile: 13605336680
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